A Nordic network for teacher educators and students

Student opportunities

Students from the seven Spica institutions are invited to take part in intensive courses and apply for Spica grants for different ways of mobility. Students can apply for placement/internship, semester or fieldwork abroad through the network. Contact your local Spica coordinators to learn more.


Spica 2021, Innovation, digitalisation and interdisciplinarity for Sustainable Education. The Spica network use local Nordic contexts to explore global challenges. In 2021 the Spica course  focuses on innovation, digitalisation and interdisciplinarity for sustainable education in a local Norwegian context with participants from all seven Nordic countries. Explorative perspectives on education and learning, UN sustainability goal 4.7, and the UNESCO site Rjukan-Notodden will be the thematic, geographical and educational frames for the course.  The course also aims to strengthen internationalisation and international cooperation in the Nordic countries.

Students in Teacher training, education or similar fields at the Spica partner institutions are invited to participate in Spica course in September 2021 (17-24.9). The course awards 5 ECTS credits and is funded by Nordplus (Nordic Council of Ministers). The course consists of two online seminars, a weeklong intensive course and a written assessment. Participants will receive a travel grant that covers the cheapest mode of travel and in line with Nordplus rates. Food and lodging in Notodden is covered by the course. Application deadline is: 30 April 2021.

Summer School: Cultural Heritage: Issues of national identity, cultural tourism and education is a Summer School initiative at UCL University College’s Campus in Jelling in cooperation with the University of South Eastern Norway (USN). The 5 ECTS course (BA-level) is a one week Summer School in the town of Jelling in August 2021 combined with e-learning activities before and after the stay in Jelling. Summer School – Cultural Heritage: Issues of National Identity, Cultural Tourism and Education (ucl.dk)

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