A Nordic network for teacher educators and students

Network members

The Spica network consists of lecturers and researchers from seven Nordic institutions. From east to west, they are:

University of Oulu

Malmö University

  • Agneta Rehn Spica keywords: Biology, science education

University of South-Eastern Norway

  • Åsmund Aamaas Spica keywords: Diversity in education, education for sustainable development, internationalization, coordinator of the network.
  • Karl Christian Alvestad Spica keywords: Uses of the past, Vikings and medieval history, medievalism, history didactics
  • Tuva Skjelbred Nodeland Spica keywords: Diversity in education, education for sustainable development, online teaching

UCL University College

University of the Faroe Islands

  • Poul Guttesen Spica keywords: Theoretical questions, worldviews and ethics
  • Hans Harryson Spica keywords: Comparative education

University of Iceland

  • Anh Dao Tran Spica keywords: Critical pedagogy, diversity, migration, integration.
  • Kristín Norðdahl Spica keywords: Place-based education, outdoor education, biology education, sustainability education
  • Samúel Currey Lefever Spica keywords: Second language teaching, language learning and issues of language, culture and identity.

University of Greenland

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