A Nordic network for teacher educators and students

About the Spica network

Spica is a network funded by Nordplus, with participation from Greenland University, IlinniarfissuaqUniversity of Iceland, University of the Faroe Islands, Malmö University, University of Oulu, UCL University College and University of South-Eastern Norway.

The network is an arena of professional development for Nordic teacher educators and teacher students in the key areas of sustainability, diversity, democracy and citizenship. These topics are approached through interdisciplinary perspectives, and with a particular focus on the teaching profession.

A central part of SPICA is the implementation of a 5 ECTS intensive course for Nordic student teachers. Every year the intensive course changes its form and content, adapting global questions and challenges to the characteristics of a local Nordic context. Students from all of the Nordic countries participate in the courses, working in mixed-nationality groups. The courses consist of an online period, where staff from the network institutions contribute with video lectures and other materials based on their respective fields of expertise. The students then work in online webinar groups to prepare for the intensive course week.  During the intensive week in one of the Nordic countries, students work together in groups focusing on global challenges and possible solutions.